Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quick Bite: Turks Head Festival

Yet again, Buddy's band (The National Rifle) led me to another interesting venue, West Chester PAs annual Turks Head Festival. They were headlining the show, but we still had to get there pretty early which means plenty of time to explore.  I had no idea what to expect, but when we got there I got an intense whiff of incense, saw a moon bounce and a crap load of hippies. Well... this should be.... different?

Being a fat pig, I headed straight to the food section to see what they had to offer. It was essentially what you would find in one of New Yorks street fairs. Except...less awesome ( not like the street fairs are that awesome to begin with). They didn't have crepes, or bubble tea; but I was in PA after all.

Cupcakes Gourmet Stand
I had gotten cupcakes from them before, and was not impressed. They freeze their cupcakes and when you bite into them, they crumble into little pieces. I didn't feel like spending $3.50 on crumbs, so I passed on these sweets.  
Price: $3.50 per cupcake

Nearing the end of my food grazing, I stumbled upon this. Giant turkey leg anyone? I was tempted to steal it, but the thought of burning my hands on a hot piece of meat stopped me. (Thats what she said)

D'Ascenzo Gelato Stand
It was so hot and muggy out that this stand, and the smoothie stand had the most people in line. Being a lover of gelato, and since I was dripping in sweat,  I hopped in the line. Joining the other people who were desperately trying to relieve themselves of the heat.

Kiwi Sorbet and Chocolate Gelato
Both were inconsistent in texture, ranging from icy to lumpy. The flavors were also artificial tasting. The kiwi was too sweet, and the chocolate was bland. The only good part that came out of eating this was that it lowered my body temperature.
Price: $4.00 for a small

 I really wanted to ask him how much he would pay me not to trip him....

The only stand not in the food section, but right smack dab in the middle of the stage field where the bands play. And of course its a funnel cake stand. After having to be there for 6 hours, myself control left me for air conditioning as I found myself walking towards it.

Funnel Cake with Bavarian Creme
This hit the spot, I mean how much can you really mess up fried dough buried in powered sugar anyway? The bavarian creme however, was like a big unwanted pile of diarrhea invading the plate. This was 3rd time ever eating a funnel cake, (I was hesitant ever since purchasing my first one and being attacked by a flock of sea gulls that pecked my face in get to get my funnel cake... I have been scarred emotionally ever since) This time however, I was in the safe confines of a tent.
Price: $4.00

On another non food related note... this place was hippy central!!! Tye-dye, hemp, psychics, holistic oils... I felt like I should have dreaded my hair and put on a pair of birkenstocks. I'm not hating, it just surprised me since so much of the food was meat based.. you would think they would have "alternative" food stands as well.

Verdict: This is the 28th annual event, though it was fun, I'm not sure if its worth driving down for. Maybe if you have nothing else to do on a Sunday.
Turks Head Festival
Everhart Park
West Chester , PA 19382

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