Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Breakfast: Vic's Bagel Bar, the Overpriced Pinkberry of Bagels

Thanks to, I got a certificate for 8 dollars worth of food and drink at Vic's Bagel Bar for free! (I guess I purchase a little too often from that website). Having always been intrigued by the thought of this Pinkberry-esque bagel place, I decided to give it a shot.
First off... this is out of the way from my work, so I had to wake up earlier to pick up breakfast before i headed to my job. My thought? This better be worth it!
An array of bagels...I always tend to pick the basket with the least amount in it...because that means they are the most popular, so my educated guess is that they are also the best, right?

They were not very busy, but seemed to rush me.... look at all these mix in choices, they had to give me a little chance to think about it! They had everything from berries to basil. 
Poppy Seed Bagel with Veggies
I got regular cream cheese mixed with lox, scallions, red onions, and roasted pepper. I probably would have made a more cohesive mixture if not for the guy behind the counter trying to push me out the door....Anyway moving on to the actual bagel.
It was nothing special, anything you could have gotten from a deli but for double the price. Literally, the definition of a standard bagel. Worth getting up 20 minutes earlier for? Hell no.
Price: $6.80
Mini Bagel Rolls 
Since it didn't add up to 8 dollars yet, I decided to add 3 mini bagel rolls. I ordered 2 cinnamon raisin and 1 everything. Dense and chewy, but special in anyway?
Price: $1.00
Verdict: Sure this place lets you make your own cream cheese mixin's and they have interesting bagel sandwich combinations, but how much are you willing to pay for breakfast? If you add orange juice or a coffee to your order, it ends up being over $10.00! With less than spectacular bagels and workers with a bad attitude, I'm surprised this place is even still in business.
Vic's Bagel Bar
544 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10016

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