Thursday, July 8, 2010

Breakfast: Cake for Breakfast...The Bagel Store is a Mad Scientist!

After my depressing encounter with Vic's Bagel Bar the other day, I decided to treat my taste buds with ol' faithful- The Bagel Store. I never know what I am going to get in here since they are constantly rotating new and wacky flavors. As I walked in, I saw something was that a red bagel??  Holy Mother of all things doughy and delicious, it was a RED VELVET BAGEL. I rubbed my eyed to make sure I wasn't delusional. Yep. Red velvet bagel...
As I approached the counter the nice guy behind it smiled 
Me: Oh My God... a red velvet bagel?
Nice Guy (laughing) : Yep!
Me: I'll take it!!
Nice Guy:  Sure, what do you want in it? We have red velvet cream cheese too
Me ( almost fainting from what he just said): WHAT? Wow... I guess that would be too much red velvet for me.. how about just plain cream cheese?
Nice Guy: Sure! Sliced and toasted?
Me: Nah, just sliced, cream cheese on the side
I wanted to toast it at work. I am they type of weirdo that waits til I get to the office to eat my breakfast because I think eating on the subway is gross. Yet if they toast it right away, I am also the weirdo that thinks it wont be at it's "yummiest" potential if I do wait an extra 30 minutes to eat it. So my solution? Toast it at work, so that it will still be piping hot and crunchy.

Red Velvet Bagel with Cream Cheese
After it was out of the toaster, it was soft and actually cakey- bordering on falling apart. There was not much crunchy shell that a normal bagel would have coming out. I slathered on the cream cheese and took a bite. The perfect balance of bagel/ red velvet cake ratio, the denseness of a bagel with the soft bouncy recovery of a cake. I took another bite. The taste was most definitely red velvet, milky cocoa flavor, almost bitter but in a good way. I took a third bite. The cream cheese added just the right smooth creaminess, but I wished it had been blended with a little powered sugar. Not sweet enough.
Price: $1.80
Verdict:  Would I get this again? Maybe. Or perhaps I will try the red velvet flavored cream cheese paired with the featured coconut bagel instead...
The Bagel Store
247 Bedford Ave
Williamsburg NY 11211

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