Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brunch: Toilet Water + Giant Condiment Basket= ?

Buddy and I ventured into the center of West Chester in search of the ultimate brunch....and we stumbled upon the Market Street Grille. Walking in it was surprisingly crowded, which is always a sign of good food.
The specials are written on the black board in the back.. .Don't forget to take a look because chances are, your waiter/ waitress is not going to bother telling you!

Toilet Water
 The worst possible water I have had ever in my life. I know this isn't superior New York tap, but this was barely drinkable. So was the coffee we ordered, which was essentially coffee flavored toilet water. I never ask for bottled but I was very close to purchasing one.

Giant Condiment Basket
This took up half of our table. Why did we need 30 creamers, 40 butter pats or 35 grape jellies? I have know idea, but at least it was there in case of a unbuttered toast emergency.

Stuffed French Toast
In the description it was supposedly made with Cinnamon swirl french toast stuffed with caramelized strawberries, walnuts and cream cheese. Well... WTF happened to the "stuffed" part? 
Moving past that, there was WAY too much strawberry syrup on the toast, it made the toast soggy and overly sweet. Though it was a nice alternative to maple syrup. I did appreciate how they actually cooked the strawberries into the sauce, which made the berries soft and fun to eat. But what saved this dish with the nice giant piece of cream cheese they added. It was a cool, tart and creamy break from the starchy bread and insane sweetness of the sauce. I would get this again, but ask for the strawberry syrup on the side
Price: $7.50

Corn Bennie
This was an egg benedict, but made with cornbread, avocado, two poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and hash browns on the side. Holy flavor explosions in my mouth. The cornbread was crunchy, sweet and who new avocado would taste so awesome with it?? Creamy earthy goodness and perfectly ripened. The eggs were poached just right, but the winner was the hollandaise sauce. Velvety, and with a touch of garlic thrown into the flavor mix. Recommended.
Price: $ 9.50
Verdict: You must look at the menu board in the back for specials! I didn't get a chance to see what else they had to offer until after I ordered, and I had spotted smoked apple with fioe gras benedict....wha???! I would have ordered that if I knew it was the special! Beverages are not their forte, but other than that this is a solid pick if you are looking for inventive and fun brunch food in West Chester.
Market Street Grille
6 West Market Street
West Chester, PA 19382

(610) 429-5328

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