Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dinner: Limerick Diner's Menu Tells Lies

Buddy and I had planned on seeing Toy Story 3 in IMAX 3D (which was AMAZINGGGGG) last Friday, and so we wanted to go to a place to eat on a budget. Seeing how Limerick Diner was re-done and now serving alcohol, we figured to give it a shot.
Ample Parking....high school memories anyone? This was the place to come after school and pig out on their massive omelette's, milkshakes, and pancakes.

An enticing display of petite desserts. You know I was going to come back for some after dinner!
Yeungling on Tap and  a Dirty Martini
First, the drinks took FOREVER to get to the table. Second I suspect.... that they didn't put any alcohol in my drink!! Sure I asked for a dirty martini, but it was definitely all olive juice. After finishing the drink, I didn't feel a nice buzz....I felt like I wanted 7 glasses of water because I just drank pure salt juice. Plus this gave me indigestion. If you do wish for alcohol with your meal, stick with the beer (which came out icy cold) 
Yuegling: $3.50
Olive Juice: $5.50

Vegetable Minestrone
This came with free with Buddy's meal. Overly salty but the vegetables were plentiful and melted in your mouth. The noodle in this were overdone.

Clam Chowder
This came free with my meal. Sure this soup looks like someone vomited in my bowl, but it was still pretty tasty. I'm not sure why I like this soup, there a few clam chunks, and the potatoes are well done, but it has an unusual gummy texture, overly salted and I'm pretty sure it's a couple of days old. Yet for some reason I continue to eat it. 
Corned Beef Sandwich
Buddy ordered this one. The beef was dry, cold and the dressing was purely coleslaw, not even a hint of russian dressing. The best part of the sandwich? The rye bread. He ended up only eating half the sandwich and stealing my dinner instead.
Price: $ 6.75
Chicken Carbonara with Linguine
So I don't know about everyone else out there, but when I think of pasta carbonara, I think linguine, scrambled eggs, pancetta, olive oil, and lotsa fresh cracked pepper. 
On the Limerick diners menu they subbed the pancetta with bacon, and no pepper or olive oil. Im fine with that, its a diner after all. They do say eggs. If you look at the picture, there is clearly hard-boiled eggs in my dish... for the love of all things Italian, why?! Were they too lazy scramble eggs into my pasta? This was very off putting. To top it off they added a massive amount of  tasteless cheese sauce. If I wanted cheese sauce,  would have gotten chicken alfredo. Instead of tiny bits of bacon, they literally took stripes of bacon, cut them in half, and threw it in the pasta. On the plus side, this thing was big enough to feed a village, with 4 large pieces of chicken breast hidden in the folds of the sauce. The chicken was surprisingly moist and perfectly cooked. The pasta was also perfectly cooked al dente- just the way I like it. This monster lasted me 4 separate meals after I brought the leftovers home.
Price: $13.95

Key Lime Pie Cheesecake
Before we left for dinner, I was watching a special on Food Network about cheesecakes. This got me craving one. After finishing my meal, I wanted to top it off with something tart and small. I opted for their key lime pie cheesecake. It had a lemon filling in the center, which was more sweet than tart. I was surprised by how much more cakey than dense this was. It was bordering almost to the point of angel food cake. The custard on top was also sickeningly sweet. I would get something else next time.
Price: $ 3.75
Verdict: Get the beer, not their mixed drinks. Want pasta? go for it, but maybe get one of their more traditional choices than a fancy one.  I would also  stick to my Kosher restaurants for corned beef or pastrami. However this place is still a vast improvement then what it used to be. Would I come back? Of course, there is still about a million things to try on their menu one is bound to be a jackpot. It's Limerick Diner after all!
Limerick Diner
411 W Ridge Pike
Limerick, Pa 19468

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