Monday, July 19, 2010

Dinner: Never Thought I Would Enjoy the Taste of Lard and Liver...

Priscilla, Janet and I decided threw emails that we would meet up and take advantage of restaurant week...It took 3 girls, 3 hours and 25 emails to finally settle on Del Posto, a Mario Batali,  Joe Bastianich, and Mark Ladner restaurant.  Hey, eating is serious business.
In the center of Meatpacking District, and across the street from Morimoto. Valet service is available...well how else do you expect me to park my Mercedes SLS??

Walking in, it looked like a grand ballroom made of a marble. I automatically felt like a hillbilly

While we waited for out table, we decided to grab a drink at the bar and they brought us bar snacks. Mixed nuts (brazil and almonds were in here... mmmm, the good nuts!) homemade potato chips, and pasta shaped cheese puffs.

* After taking this picture, the maitre de told me there was no flash photography allowed... so the rest of the pictures might be dim
* Also, when we asked for the restaurant week menu for dinner and found out... they didn't offer it for dinner!!! We decided on the next best thing; everyone get a different dish to share.

After we ordered, 3 Amuse Bouches came to the table

Salmon Chips
Fried asiago chips filled with salmon and tarragon. 

Rolled Proscuitto
Deep Fried with escarole. Crunchy, salty, and with a soft center.

Chilled Gazpaho
Tangy and rimmed with brown sea salt.

Complimentary Bread Basket
Holy Shit. The most amazing bread basket I have ever had. It comes warm with baguettes, foccacia, olive oil bread, and bread sticks. If they just served me this bread basket for dinner I would be happy, I know bread was already tasty, but this bread basket stole my heart.

Whipped Lardo, Italian Whipped Butter
This came with the bread basket. The lardo had tarragon and other herbs blended in it. Not as creamy and light as butter, but interesting to try.

Ricotta Pansoti
Priscilla ordered this one. It was paired with wild asparagus and shaved black truffles. Drizzled with olive oil and ultra creamy center. Simple is sometimes the most delicious.
Price: $27.00

 Seared Duck Breast
Janet picked this one. This was made with apician spices, grilled apricots, and salt baked endive. They added a little piece of caramelized fois gras on the side. Wow, way to eat a tortured duck and its liver! However..... was succulent. I never thought a word could so perfectly describe a food, but succulent is it. The fois gras was so ridiculously fatty and velvety I think I gained 20 pounds just tasting a sliver.
Price: $33.00

Wood-Grilled LOBSTER
I picked this one. Made with basil, chopped almonds and salicornia. Insanely flavorful, and the chopped almonds added a fun crunch.   
Price: $39.00

At this point, none of us could believe how full we all were, but we couldn't leave without dessert!

Chocolate Ricotta TORTINO
(Notice how a slice of the cake was already missing? Yeah, chocolate is a girls kryptonite). Anyway, this was made with toasted sicilian pistachios and extra virgin olive oil gelato. My favorite part was actually the ice cream,  light, cool and fun to roll around in the crushed cocoa. The olive oil was sweet and fragrant. The cake was too dry, but the quality of the chocolate made up for it.
Price: $15.00

Post Dessert Desserts (!?!)
As if we could fit anymore food in out stomachs... they gave us a plate of post desserts! 
From left, white chocolate caramel crisps: the best of the bunch, sweet, crunchy, and fun to bite. Nutella Cookie: The shell was pretty bland, but the salt sprinkled on top of the nutella gave it an extra kick. Biscotti: Standard biscotti, nothing to write home about. I wish it had been dipped in chocolate. Apple Crisp: Soft and delicate, also nothing special.

As we were walking out, they stopped us to ask....if we wanted truffles!? Hell yeah we did! Free + chocolate= Things I love.

I immediately popped one in my mouth. Creamy dreamy ganache heaven.

Me, Priscilla, Janet, and possibly 20 extra pounds

Verdict: Pricey? Yes. But worth it. If you are worried about the price, come during lunch where they have a $29.00 prix fix lunch special. We were there for at least 2 hours, and the service was fantastic.

Del Posto
85 10th Avenue
NY, 10011

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  1. I love your review! Great descriptions and pics, even without the flash :) They do a 35 dollar prix fixe lunch year round-you should definitely go back to try it!