Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sweet Tooth: The Vintage Reese's Cup

While meandering around a Cracker Barrel gift shop, I stumbled upon this... Colts Bolts. Okay, so I will admit, the only reason i even picked this up was because the woman in the picture looked like Sandra Lee (with better hair...I kid, I kid ). Anyway, chocolate, peanut butter AND almonds??  I was ready for some lovin on my tastebuds!

Colts Bolts.... I wonder what drugs the guy was on when they decided on the name....
and why she chose a turtleneck...

I ripped open the wrapper so fast with anticipation that my hands were shaking ( much like a drug addict trying to get their fix).  This was about the size of a hockey puck. Instead of the chocolate sitting in a fluted cup, this was a layered confection. A layer of chocolate base, a peanut butter middle with about 4 whole almonds (yes I counted) and then a chocolate layer to top it off. The adult version of a reese's cup perhaps.
Taste? Decadent milk chocolate. The peanut butter was more like a mix of nougat and blended peanuts. Sweet, nutty, chewy, perfection. I wish I had gotten a couple more...but good thing I didn't because I have absolutely no self control and would have eaten them all in one day.

Price: $1.69
Verdict: Go to Cracker Barrel. Buy this chocolate. Eat the damn thing. Politely decline when the hostess offers a table and leave. I have not seen this anywhere else but there, maybe at some crazy candy trade show but never at the usual grocery store.

Cracker Barrel
Look for your own location

** F.Y.I This will be my last post until Monday... I am moooving! So please, try not to kill yourself as you go threw withdraw for the next 4 days...**

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