Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweet Tooth: The Poor Mans Pinkberry

New York, New York...speciality fro-yo stands, cupcake shoppes, and Neapolitan pizzas restaurants seem to be all the rage. I can't say that I have not given into these fads (I'm SUCH a sucker for all 3). But sometimes when I have a hankering for frozen yogurt; I don't feel like paying the price of what lunch costs for a fro-yo at Pinkberry. Since I was down in St.Marks (essentially the South Street of New York) I decided to see if self serve frozen yogurt could match Pinkberrys standards.

um... $.39 per ounce?? The cheap Asian girl inside of me jumped for joy

Way more variety of flavors then  Pinkberry or Red Mango! Everything flavor from red velvet cake (?!?!) to key lime pie and peanut butter cup plus 10 more were featured! Though, you are not allowed to taste test any of them before hand....


There are also butt load of different toppings you can add on in the front before you pay. But I wanted to taste the quality of the yogurt and see if they can really get the flavors down so I decided to skip the toppings and pick a staple ( green tea) and a featured flavor (red velvet or course!)

Green Tea
Texture was smooth and creamy. Lots of good match green tea flavor with the tartiness of the yogurt to balance it out. In fact the flavor was even stronger then Pinkberrys.

Red Velvet Cake
Okay by now, you know how much I LOVE red velvet cake... I took a spoonful in my mouth....yum! Surprisingly just like the cake. Tart, tangy and with a hit of cake batter at the end to polish it off. The taste was so intense that I was glad I only got a little bit of it. A whole bowl full of this would be way to much. It was the smoother texture of the 2 yogurts. 

Price: $1.60 for two small poo swirls worth
Verdict: Though they don't offer cones (which is my favorite way of eating ice cream or yogurt) but they do redeem themselves with the by the ounce option. If you are looking for a quick, cheap, and small icy treat definitely go here. Though, I wouldn't suggest making a trip to St.Marks for this sole purpose!
Yogurt Station
18 Saint Marks Place
 New York, NY 10003-8059 

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