Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Penney's Pizza: The Radiation Must Be Messing With People's Taste Buds

Penney's Pizza, run out of a house on Ridge Pike in Royersford. I have heard massive amounts of great reviews, and since I was finally back in my home town, I decided it was a good idea to order it when I got the chance. 

Small White Pizza


Well as you can tell, these look a little funny...
Cheese first, then a slather of sauce. The sauce was overly sweet and there was way too much of it. Like tomato soup with a nice douse of sugar. The cheese was rubbery and flavorless. Maybe they put the sauce on top to hide the sad excuse they would call "cheese". The crust was also tasteless, neither crunchy nor doughy or chewy. It had the consistency of a microwaved pretzel.
They used corn meal to dust the bottom of the dough which neither helped nor hurt the texture, my taste buds were annoyed.
Price: $12.00 for a large

 This was a little more successful. They put ricotta cheese on first then mozzarella with a sprinkle of herbs. Perhaps a bit too much ricotta, after 1 slice I felt a sort of heaviness only a packet of laxatives and some prune juice could get rid of.
Price: $8.00 for a small
Corn Meal up Skirt

Verdict: One thing that struck me as odd was the fact the the pizzas fell apart.This could only happen from under cooking. I don't really understand why people of Limerick PA go crazy over this stuff, perhaps its the nuclear radiation? The place is always packed with cars picking up pizzas, I just don't get it. Maybe New York has spoiled me, but no way in hell would I ever get these again

Penney's Pizza
68 W Ridge Pike
Limerick PA 19468

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