Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Caracas Arepa Bar: Why am I Not Eating This Everyday of My Life?!

When I first moved to New York , one of the first places I ate at was Caracas Bar in the East Village. I never went back since, because it was so freaking small. Thankfully in Williamsburg, they have another restaurant. I figured it has been at least 2 plus years since my last arepa, and I wanted to check it out.

 Buddy and I went on a dinner date and was I surprised at how much room this location has! It was a fairly nice night, so we decided to sit outside. It was super cute and romantic.

 We got there around 6pm ( yeah I know, just call us senior citizens... and Im not afraid to admit I LOVE tapioca pudding) and it was still happy hour. We both got a beer (Magic Hat)  and shot deal. The shot was a Venezuelan rum. It was sweet, but still made me make that "face" after taking it.
Price: $6.00

 Braised Beef Arepa
This was a special that night, it was slow cooked beef sliced and layered with red onions and plantains. It came hot and packed with flavor. Especially after a nice drizzle of the special sauce they had sitting on the table. The beef was tender and easy to bit into. I would definitely order this again
Price: $7.00

 Reina Pepiada
This was shredded chicken mixed with avocado salad and served cold. It was probably the tastiest chicken salad I have ever had.  Filled to capacity and the arepas crunchy texture complimented this perfectly. I would order this again, and again, and again...
Price: $6.75

These were sweet plantains stuffed with white cheese. Buddy really loved them, and it came with a side of maple sauce. They were just okay for me, the cheese wasn't even melted and it just tasted like wheat bread sandwiching under ripe bananas and tasteless cheese. Would not recommend.
Price: $5.50
Verdict: Boy were these satisfying! One major stand out was the spicy sauce they had sitting on the table. It was DELICIOUS. They should bottle that shit up and sell it! I would purchase it in a second.  The staff was attentive and the food came out fast. I can't wait to go back!

Caracas Arepa Bar
291 Grand Street
Brooklyn NY 11211

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