Monday, November 1, 2010

Bar Celona: Wait- Am I in the West Village?

Friday night, and it was getting cold out. The lazy and warm thing  to do? Go right next door to get something to eat! Buddy and I headed over to Bar Celona right in South Williamsburg and grabbed a seat next to their fire pit....only to move away from the fire pit. The flames ended up melting my face off!

Away after we settled down, we decided to  get drunk eat....

Beet Gineration
This was made with ginger liquor, plymouth vermouth, lemon juice, beet jalapeño juice mix.  All the flavors were pretty subtle, but the only standout was the beet juice. If you like beets, get this. If you are like Buddy, you will jag at the taste.
Price: $10.00

 Esterno's Prime
This was made with rum, aperol, grapefruit, manzanilla syrup,and BC house tonic. To be honest I don't remember how this tasted. So I guess I would pass on this again. Buddy didn't like it either.
Price: $9.00

This was made with curry sauce, potatoes and peas. Underneath? Freaking ramen noodles! A nice way to use up the broth. The broth was good, but nothing special. I was still hungry after this since the portions are tapas sized.
Price: $11.00

 Piquillo Peppers
Goat Cheese, herbs, and spicy tomato sauce.  Nice slow cooked peppers stuffed with goat cheese. The cheese was kind of gritty (with all the herbs in it) but still tasty. The slow roasted peppers melted in my mouth and its acidic nature was toned down by the cheese.
Price: $9.00
Verdict: To be honest, we would have stayed a lot longer if the seating was more comfortable and the music wasn't so damn loud.The tables were too low so we were eating crouched down the whole time and it was just awkward to position yourself that way. The drinks were creative and the food was good, but something about this place just doesn't make me want to go back. Even if it is right next door to my apartment.
Bar Celona
104 South Street
Brooklyn NY 11211

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