Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Treats Truck: I'm Obsessed

Okay, so I know I posted Treats Truck a couple of weeks ago, but boy am I hooked! I can't wait for Tuesdays and Thursdays when they are parked on 38th and 5th as my greedy little butt hikes up there for a sugar rush. I had been getting the walnut chocolate chip cookies, but this time I decided to go for some new stuff.

Rice Crispie Treat
Check out my sweet iphone ( I shattered it because I suck at life and fell while running over the Williamsburg bridge. Serves me right to try and stay in shape. Oh, and sorry about my nasty ass nail polish job too... that is hard even for me to look at.) Anyway it is just a size reference at how HUGE the treat is! It was actually quite hard to take a bite into, and I ended up having to pull it apart with my fingers to eat it. Other then that, it was chewy, sweet and basically, the perfect treat.
Price: $3.00

Caramel Creme Sandwich
I LOVE sugar cookies.... but brown sugar cookies?? Ohh yes! Sandwiching vanilla creme, it was amazing. Nice snap with each bite, and not too sugary. You  know a sugar cookie is good when the butter stains the napkin, leaving evidence of the sweet affair
Price: $1.75
Verdict:  Sugar, sugar, sugar.... yum, yum, yum. You just can't go wrong with anything they have!

Treats Truck

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