Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Twilight Diner: No Vampires Here

Dating a musician has its sacrifices....many, many of them. For example, instead of spending an awesome Friday night in NYC, I am stuck on a chinatown van crammed with valley girl college students for 7 hours in traffic( Yes 7. Left at 4pm, got there at 11) to Penn State to meet him at a show. It was my first time at Penn State, and I can't ever imagine anyone ever wanting to go to school here, it is in the middle of NOWHERE. Anyway, I digress... The day after, we were headed to East Stroudsburg PA for another show and stopped off yet again (can you guess?) in the middle of know where to grab breakfast. Only food place? Twilight Diner.  A single creepy looking restaurant with its only surroundings being the forest.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Buddy got this, and of course, I stole a bite. It was actually really good! The chicken breast juicy, the lettuce and tomato's fresh. The kaiser roll also tasted fresh baked. Only downer was the the pickles were sweet. Ugh, I hate bread and butter pickles... some things are just not meant to taste sweet.
Price: $5.50

Grilled Cheese
Not much to report simple home made grilled cheese.
Price: $4.00

Aaron, their manager got this. It looks like an neglected child very simple, but he claimed it kicked Pizza Huts ass.  To each his own. I guess the sausage turds are what is really off putting to me.
Price: $6.00

Turkey Club
Hmm.... somehow I feel like I am the one that picked the tastiest lunch...? I ordered it with sweet potato fries. My club was actually delicious. Ample bacon, fresh turkey and perfectly portioned. The sweet potato fries were actually some of the best I've ever had! They were crisp flavorful and hit the spot.
Price: $6.50

Teaberry Ice Cream
They also had a bunch of Hershey's ice cream flavors on their dessert menu. Never one to pass up dessert, (or ice cream for that matter) I went with Teaberry. It was okay, great as a gum flavor, a bit too much as an ice cream flavor
Price: Free! Waitresses treat

I hope the waitress appreciates our present.  I always wished that people left me food art when I used to wait tables.

Verdict: This place might be in the middle of know where, but is fresh, fast, and cheap! I guess a good thing about going on the road is finding all these little fun places to eat. Next time any of you happen to find yourself outside of Happy Valley and are starving and on the road (hey never say never) This place will fill your stomach, but not empty your wallet.

Twilight Diner
603 N Mill St
LogantonPA 17747
(570) 725-3911

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