Thursday, October 7, 2010

Product Review: Meatless "Beef " Jerky... Well There Are Worse Things To Eat?

Waiting with my groceries at the checkout lanes of Whole Foods, my wondering eyes graze over the chocolate bars they have on display, and then.. what is this? Meatless Jerky?!?! Well, a believer in this or not, I HAD to try it. 

 99 calories is the first indicator of what is to come...

Primal Meatless Teriyaki Jerky
Well... it certainly looks completely revolting and I threw up in my mouth a bit like raw meat... I took a bite. Slimy? Yes. The texture however, actually pulled apart like jerky, though a lot more tender. It wasn't that bad, I ate it all with no problem. Perfect for someone who is on one of those stupid vegan diets a light snack.
Price: $1.00
Verdict: The price point is definitely a lot more appetizing then the look of this jerky. It's worth giving a shot, and hey, its a serving of protein for you!
Primal Spirit
Sold at health Food Stores

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