Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mai Sushi: Not My Way

Morimoto protege started her own sushi restaurant in Midtown. All I heard was prosciutto sushi, and I was in!
Nothing was really made to order here, but from the array of different types of sushi, you were bound to find something to your taste.

They also had cold buckwheat noodles and cooked cold dishes. There were also pot stickers and Japanese curry chicken to take back and heat in the microwave.

There was also a hot bar! My mouth already started to water

Spicy Salmon Roll
Made with salmon (obviously), red onions, spinach, spicy mayo, and topped with tobiko.Why are these things so HUGE?? They literally made a 1 piece out of 2 rolls. It was very annoying to eat. Since you couldn't fit the whole thing in your mouth (thats what she said), you had to bite it in half  which caused the whole thing to fall apart. Other then that, the fish was fresh and the rice was chewy and delicious. The red onions added a nice bite of flavor. Essentially a lox bagel subbed with rice.

The rice is pooping out a salmon turd
Price: $7.95

Sesame Tofu Puddy with Espesso Sauce
This was thick, rich and definitely for sesame lovers. Perhaps a bit too rich for me as I mixed it with my plain yogurt to lessen the strong taste of sesame. Still, a nice finish to the meal
Price: $3.00
Verdict: This is a glorified overly priced sushi place. Plain and simple. With Cafe Zaiya right next door, why waste your money? It was good, but would I go back? No.
Mai Sushi
16 e 41st Street
New York, NY 10017

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