Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keste: Best Pizza of My Life ( in America that is...)

Neapolitan Pizza places are popping up around the city faster than you can say bedbugs! But my go-to "lets impress the family" pizza will always be Keste. On a lazy afternoon, I headed to the West Village to grab a delicious bite with a friend for lunch.

This was made with fresh mozzeralla, basil, tomatoes and of course, mushrooms. The sauce tasted like someone just crushed fresh tomato's over it. It was light, delicate and just the right amount. Every component of the pizza was perfect, but the one thing about this place that puts the other pizza places to shame is their dough. It is spectacularly chewy, airy, and perfectly charred. A little bite of heaven. For carb-ophobic freaks out there: To not eat the crust is a complete and utter sin! I was watching some skinny bitch at the table next to me cut off all her crust. I had the urge to pick it off her plate and eat it all for myself. ( Wow, that sounded really fat).
Price: $ 14.00
Verdict: If you are in New York, living, planning, or even teleporting here. You  must stop and try the pizza! On the weekday's they serve sandwiches made from the dough and gluten free pizza's on Monday and Tuesdays!

271 Bleeker Street
New York, NY 10014

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