Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Faicco's Italian Meat Shoppe: A...Snack?

The other week I was in the West Village waiting for a friend to meet up for lunch. I was STARVING and had not eaten since 8 am. After waiting for her it turned out that her train was stuck. Well it was 2:30pm and I was ready to eat my own arm. Sooo....I decided to grab a snack.

 Proscuitto Stuffed Roll
I guess this is where the "your eyes are bigger than your stomach" comes into play. This roll was a little larger than the size of a giant New York bagel. The guy behind the counter warmed it up for me in the microwave, and boy am I ever glad he did. The roll was super airy, and chewy. It was a beautiful hybrid of chewy baguette and flaky pastry dough. Umm... and do you SEE the center?? Chopped proscuitto in every nook and cranny. Needless to say I finished the whole thing and ate lunch with my friend an hour later. I was going to have some really satisfying poops later that night.
Price: $3.00
Verdict: Skip Joe's Pizza and head over to Faicco's for a satisfying and savory snack. And don't forget to let them warm it up!
Faicco's Italian Meat Shoppe
260 Bleeker Street
New York, NY 10014

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