Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pasticceria Rocco: Honey I Blew up the Cookies!!

Walking around the West Village again, I spotted a crap load of tourists outside a pastry store listening to some tour guide. As she rambled on about the store, my gaze turned toward the giant cookies on display at the window. I shoved past the crowd of people to investigate.

I would eat every last crumb of eat cake and lick my fingers with delight afterwards. Which makes me many cakes does one eat in a life time? I think I'm already up to 70, possibly even 100....

Somebody was going cookie crazy in front of me at the counter, they were the size of a boob, maybe a 34B?

Rocky Road Cookie
Holy moley did they get the ratio of chocolate chips to cookie down right! Folded in between were pieces of melted marshmallows lending a chewy bite. Chocolatey and even a bit of a coffee aftertaste. A solid rocky road cookie.

Almond Lover Cookie
This was not for lovers, it was for crazy almond stalkers who carry viles of almond oil around their necks! Literally all almonds, the only thing holding the cookie together was the minimal amount of cookie dough. The healthy drizzle of dark chocolate was a perfect topper. Amazing.
Price: $3.00 per cookie
Verdict: Satisfying cookies, and an endless array of other sweets. They have seating too if you want to relax and get coffee or espresso.

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