Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crawdaddy's: I Ate a Reptile!

I will be honest, I have never, ever had cajun cuisine in my life. I know. I suck. Thankfully, the people of West Chester PA seem to be fond of this type of cuisine, and I had a pick between High Street Cafe or Crawdaddy's. Alas, High Street Cafe was all booked, so off to Crawdaddy's it was!

The interior seemed more like a log cabin, rather then being in the streets of New Orleans. Almost depressing? 

 Mint Julep
Extra long straw. It was awkward.
Price: $9.00

 Complimentary Bread
Mini wheat bread topped with cajun spices. Nothing special, but something to nibble on if your stomach wants to eat itself.

Blackened Alligator
Thinly sliced alligator topped with honey mustard. This tasted like cheese steak. Minus the roll. It was a little on the greasy side, and a bit overcooked, but over all pretty satisfying. Would I get it again? Meh, probably not.
Price: $10.00

 Crawfish Etouffee
Etouffee means to be smothered in liquid. This was made of a roux of onion, peppers, and scallions. Pretty tasty, and came in a gigantic portion. Definitely large enough to split between two people. Just a tad bit spicy, but still a complete comfort food. The flavors really popped in this and the rice soaked up all the sauce perfectly.
Price: $19.00

Voodoo Crawfish
XXX Spicy BBQ sauce served over rice and a side of sour cream. Hot, hot, hot! Now I know why they give you the side of sour cream! Other then the heat, the sauce was almost gelatinous, slightly sweet, and pretty tasty. My only gripe is that crawfish are just shrimp with smaller bodies, why such hype??
Price: $10.00

Verdict: Egh, Louisiana, you were just okay. Maybe another restaurant will do you better justice.

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