Monday, August 31, 2009

Black Lab Bistro: Dinner with the BF in Phoenixville

Oh good old Limerick, the melting pot of all chain restaurants and strip malls. Sure, I can't say that I loathe Applebee's 2 for 20 dollar special, but when the BF is paying, I take advantage and decide to try something new. Phoenixville had gone through many, many, many improvements over the last couple of years, and is steadily starting to look like a mini Manyunk. One night in the winter, my friends dragged me out to PJ Ryans on Bridge St. After a couple hours of awkwardly talking to old high school class mates who still live with their parents, we decide to leave. But something catches my eye- across the street is a nice red framed restaurant with Olden Day letters. "Black Lab Bistro". hmm....

Garlic Rosemary Butter with Sesame Bread
Taste: Nice salted butter, the aroma of garlic and rosemary was there rather than the taste.
Texture: The bread was chewy and airy. Nothing to wet yourself over.
Smell: Like rosemary and garlic.. duh!
Price: Free :D

Black Angus Burger with Truffle Oil Fries
Taste: He had ordered it rare, but to his disappointment, it came out well done. After a bite, I decide that it was still very much flavorful and surprisingly still kind of juicy without making the brioche roll soggy. The flavor of the tomato, burger, and buttered brioche danced together gracefully in my mouth. It also had gruyere cheese, which I didn't really taste at all. The truffle fries perfectly salted and the taste of the truffle was just enough without becoming overbearing.
Texture: Nice toasted roll, slightly chewy burger, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, unnoticeable cheese. It's like a perfect outfit and you accidently put on an extra pair of panties.
Smell: Backyard grilling and good red wine
Price: $15.00

Mussels in Tomato Vodka Sauce with Penne Pasta
Taste: PERFECTLY stewed sauce. The chunks of tomato melted in my mouth. Not too much garlic, but enough to add to the texture of the sauce. Loved to topping of parmesan cheese which salted my penne just right. The mussels however, weren't that big :(. Oh well it might be the ending of the season?
Texture: Pasta was cooked al-dente, and remained hardy even in the heat of the broth. The mussels weren't over steamed and fell off of their shell without much struggle
Smell: Tomato soup and Seafood
Price: $18.00

Tiramisu with Honey
Taste: Creamy, airy taste of Cognac, then a sudden sharp sweetness that came from the honey. (What is it about that piece of mint on desserts that makes you feel like you have to eat it so neatly?!). Could have done without the layer of chocolate sauce, I felt it cheapened the dessert. If it had to have chocolate, it should have been dark bitter chocolate.
Texture: Airy, spongy, angel food cake-y with a dark past...
Smell: Honey and Mint
Price: Free :D ( The waiter felt bad for BF's over cooked meat, so this treat was on the house)

Verdict: Coming back for more! Bring a nice bottle of wine, friends, lovers, family, and enjoy this gem in Phoenixville. The service was fantastic, the ambience was cozy, and the food was memorable.
Black Lab Bistro
248 Bridge St, Phoenixville, PA
(610) 935-5988

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